2023 Air Compressor


Air Compressor Output
25-40 CFM* @ 100 psi (150 psi max)
Air Compressor Type
Direct-driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
Hydraulic Flow Required
9-12 GPM; open center hydraulic circuit
Hydraulic Pressure at Full Load (hydraulic pump is recommended)
2,345 psi; 3,000 psi
Weight (dry)
Approximately 150 lb (68 kg)
24.0” (l) x 16.5” (w) x 18.0” (h); 61.0 cm (l) x 41.9 cm (w) x 45.7 cm (h)
- Integrated hydraulic/compressor oil - 12V or 24V fan
Hydraulic Connections
#12 ORB Inlet, #16 ORB Outlet
Control System
- LCD digital control box with hour meter, service reminders, and error messages - Live monitoring of air pressure, hydraulic and compressor temperatures - Automatic cold climate protection - Automatic warm-up mode extends system life - Standby Mode turns system off and on depending on air use
Safety System
- Compressor/hydraulic overheat protection - Cooler bypass check valve - Overpressure shutdown - Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank - 200 psi pressure relief valve - Automatic cold climate protection - 2,800 psi hydraulic pressure relief valve
Air Receiver Tank (recommended, not included)
Minimum 6-gallon air receiver tank recommended for proper operation of all functions
Panel Color
- White - Black - Custom (Fleet orders only)
Two years on all major components; VMAC air ends are covered by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty (Limited).